Installing your software

How to install our learning games on your interactive display? Please follow below instructions to add the Learning Suite on your interactive display: Follow the steps to begin installing the software on your android interactive display Installation may be different on some display model. 1. Downloading the Application  Download the application (TouchscreenLearning_Demo.apk) file from theContinue reading “Installing your software”

Game-based activities for Interactive display in education.

Game-based activities and ready made lessons for every devices! Enjoy game-based activities and ready made lessons on every devices. Choose from from our ready made resources and help pupil and teacher achieving their goals with curriculum-matched content. 100+ curriculum-centred primary & secondary apps made by teachers.

Social studies in education. Resources for interactive display

Social studies is the study of people in relation to each other and to their world. An interdisciplinary subject that draws upon history, geography, ecology, economics, law, philosophy, political science and other social science disciplines. “Touchscreen Learning resources empower teachers with innovative and interactive games that help spark the love of learning in every student.”Continue reading “Social studies in education. Resources for interactive display”

Interactive touch screens for education

Over the past few years more and more schools have adopted smart technology and Interactive touchscreens to enhance the class experience. The convenience of the touch function and the interactive functionality are capable of transforming any educational space, turning traditional classrooms into contemporary hubs of learning, improving students and teacher experience. Contact us to findContinue reading “Interactive touch screens for education”

Enhance Classroom numeracy skills

Enhance Classroom numeracy skills with our selection of maths interactive activities. Available for your classroom touchscreens and interactive displays. Engage pupils with addition, subtraction, multiplication or division on your touchboard . Find our more > Maths resources 10 Stars Maths Ten frames inspired game to help practice mental maths, additions and understand number system. OddContinue reading “Enhance Classroom numeracy skills”

Learning games for classroom touchscreen and interactive displays

Explore TouchScreen Learning collection of smartboard and interactive whiteboard learning games. Build pupils general knowledge with our comprehensive in-class and blended learning resources. Engage students in learning activities that support learning goals! NEW! TouchScreen Learning Suite is a specially devised learning suite including over 50 interactive and curriculum aligned games to explore and learn aboutContinue reading “Learning games for classroom touchscreen and interactive displays”

Engaging students with maths, remotely and in the classroom?

Engaging students with math Unfortunately, math is not everybody’s favourite subject. Using interactive display technology coupled with maths games or apps can help to introduce key subjects and help create engagement with students. Find out how our software solutions drive engagement and motivate students. Lets have a look through TouchScreen learning math learning tools. “Unfortunately,Continue reading “Engaging students with maths, remotely and in the classroom?”

Geography resources for your Interactive classroom displays.

Fun and challenging Geography and social studies resources for your Interactive classroom displays. Africa Puzzle Map Drag the shape of the country and learn about the African continent.An interactive puzzle games where pieces are shaped like the countries of Africa.Build the puzzle and improve your geography! South America An interactive puzzle games where pieces areContinue reading “Geography resources for your Interactive classroom displays.”

Interactive display in the classroom. Fine motor skills activities.

Develop Fine Motor Skill with step by step Tracing Activities “Write, erase and start again.” Develop fine motor skill on your interactive display with vertical lines, diagonals, curves, waves, bridges, loops and zigzags. Develop writing, grammar and spelling skills with step by step activities and easy-to-follow tracing games that can improve writing skills. Spelling AnContinue reading “Interactive display in the classroom. Fine motor skills activities.”

Exploring History Key Stage 2

Engage students curiosity for ancient history at KS2 and inspires young historians. Our History resource collection is designed to ignite students’ interest in history. Through interactive maps, facts, quizzes, and rich timelines, engage students curiosity! Ancient Greece Who were the ancient Greeks? Specially designed for kids, with voice-overs, fun facts and interactive games to helpContinue reading “Exploring History Key Stage 2”