Installing your software

How to install our learning games on your interactive display?

Please follow below instructions to add the Learning Suite on your interactive display:

Follow the steps to begin installing the software on your android interactive display Installation may be different on some display model.

1. Downloading the Application 

Download the application (TouchscreenLearning_Demo.apk) file from the secure link we have sent you.

2. Granting Permissions  

On Some display you may have to grant “Unknown Sources” permissions prior to installing.

3. Installing the Application 

a. Look for and open the Files folder

b. Look for and open the Download folder

c. Double-tap the APK file to launch the installation. 

d. Tap Install. 

e. When the installation has completed, press Done

4. Finding / Launching the Application 

Finding your application on different systems:

Click the touchscreen learning suite icon to launch software. Usually to be found in the app section of your display. Installation may be different on some display model.

Touchscreen Learning Suite

BenQ Displays >

Viewsonic Displays >

Promethean Displays > (app ar usually found in the “Locker”)

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