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Social studies is the study of people in relation to each other and to their world. An interdisciplinary subject that draws upon history, geography, ecology, economics, law, philosophy, political science and other social science disciplines.

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Famous Explorers

From the Vikings to modern-day astronauts, human beings have always set to explore new territories! Explorers make journeys into the unknown to discovers new things and document their findings. Find out about the lives of significant individuals from the past who have contributed to exceptional achievements, discoveries and how they changed the way people viewed the world.

The Victorians

Who Were The Victorians? Specially designed for kids, with voice-overs, fun facts and interactive features to help children build essential knowledge of history at home and in school. Find out about Daily Life in Victorian Britain, follow the timeline and learn about the British Empire as well as the Industrial revolution.

World War One

How did the First World War start and why? What was it like being a soldier in the trenches? What did it mean to go over the top? The first fully interactive timeline to learn about the First War, narrated by children.

Art history

Introduces young readers to the art world’s most famous painters, styles, and periods! Each historical section begins with an audio narrative summarizing the events and includes animations, interactive clues and fun facts.An interactive timeline allows the child to travel back and forward in time.Historical periods are organized thematically and chronologically from the ancient world through the 20th century.

History of flight

How did we learn to fly like a bird? The history of flight is more than two thousand years, from the earliest kites to jet aircrafts.
Discover the timeline of flight in human history. Find out about hot air balloons, early gliders, The Montgolfiers Brother, The Wright Brothers, the first dirigibles, the great journeys, the first jets and more..


Learn all about dinosaurs and fossils! Great fun for junior paleontologists to dig-up dinosaur bones and assemble their skeletons. Learn all about dinosaurs and fossils! Great fun for junior paleontologists to dig-up dinosaur bones and assemble their skeletons.Discover fun facts and information about: Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, Eoraptor, Stegosaurus, Pterodactyl, Muttaburrasaurus, Megalosaurus, Vulcanodon, Diplodocus, Titanosaur, Mosasaurus, Ceratosaurus

World History Quiz

Do you know your ancient from your modern? Your Romans from your Greeks? Your Great War from your Cold War? Test your knowledge of history across 100+ fun, historical, challenging and trivial questions.

World History Doodle

A perfect blend of history and art. Using your finger grow your interest in history through creative expression! A bright and busy, wacky draw-in activity app packed full of things to doodle across world’s historical events. Draw anything from mammoth to spaceships while learning,

History WordSearch

Flex your mental muscles with these challenging and educational word search puzzles to learn about world history!

Timeline of inventions

Who invented the Alphabet ? The first plane? The steam engine ? Who first used water power? From the discovery of fire to space exploration, learn about the inventions and discoveries that have made history!

History Timeline

Discover the ancient Viking alphabet ( in french)

The Viking alphabet

An Activity app that children can work through to practise and play with writing or spelling Runes / Futhark alphabet.

Ancient Greek Alphabet

Discover the ancient Greek Alphabet, practice tracing the letters and try spelling your name!

Great inventions Quiz

Great inventions word-search. Discover great inventions throughout history! Find the words in the grid by looking Diagonal, Forward, Backward, Up or Down.

U.S historical figures Quiz

Test your knowledge of U.S history across famous quotes, history, politics, civils rights, sport, business and more.

The Tudors

The Tudor period is the period between 1485 and 1603. In production. Coming soon

The Stuarts

Learn about the Stuarts. In production. Coming soon


Find out about the Second World War, the Blitz and evacuations. In production. Coming soon

Asia Puzzle Map

A interactive puzzle games where pieces are shaped like the countries of Asia. Great learning fun at home and in the classroom. Build the puzzle and improve your geography!

England – Cities

Test your geography knowledge.
Can you place the city on the map?

France Puzzle Map

What are the regions of france?
Explore and learn more about each regions while assembling the puzzle.

Australian Cities

How well do you know Australia?
Can you put the cities name back on the map?
Test your knowledge of geography and see how many you can find.

England – regions

What are the 12 regions of the United Kingdom?
Explore and learn more about each regions while assembling the puzzle.

U.S states

A interactive puzzle game with a map including the 50 states.

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