Art and design

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Ink brush

The versatility of a paintbrush with the convenience of a pen on your Phone or tablet. Create fine to broad lines within a single stroke. A great tool for all kinds of line work, including sketch, line-and-wash, cartoons, lettering, Manga-art and Oriental calligraphy.

Calligraphy HD

Develop your very personal lettering style with a choice of nibs and brushes. Simply select your favourite tool and instantly vary nib thickness, stroke texture and pen angle.

Graffiti marker

Get creative and design graffiti tags and personalised street art. Graffiti Marker is an intuitive, multitouch, pressure-sensitive drawing app that emulate graffiti markers strokes. Choose your favourite markers, play with colour, change tips and get creative!

Art Brush

Get creative and have fun with Art Brush. A painting app with a selection of brushes for art on the go. 6 pre-set brushes to customize your watercolors Intuitive interface and Pre-set watercolor paper


Choose from Pencil or Ink Drawing and get sketching / hatching along!


Year on year we have consistently produced the results you are looking for for 5 consecutive years.

Doodle Pad

Relax and let the creativity flow with Doodle drawing Pad! Doodle along, develop wacky ideas, drawings or scribblings! Includes a selection of flow sensitive markers, pens and nibs.

Calligraphy Studio

Relax and practice the discipline of hand lettering! Write on your device using your finger or a stylus and train yourself using Calligraphic Practice worksheet and Paper.

Sketch O Paint

Discover a set of intuitive pens and paint brushes to create great cartoon , comic or ink art!

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