Learning games for classroom touchscreen and interactive displays

Explore TouchScreen Learning collection of smartboard and interactive whiteboard learning games. Build pupils general knowledge with comprehensive in-class, remote and blended learning resources. Engage students in learning activities that support learning goals.

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Engaging and interactive games specially put together to help children learn and improve their maths, history, literacy and social media skills and knowledge.

Interactive display maths learning suite

Maths games that encourage practice. Play against the clock! improve your mental math skills! master the times tables! the fractions and more.

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Interactive display history learning suite

Build up your general knowledge with this comprehensive history app collection . Packed with facts, interactive maps and timelines to learn about world history and the wonders of the past!

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Interactive display literacy learning suite

Write, erase and start again! Develop writing, grammar and spelling skills with step by step activities.

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Interactive display languages learning suite

Introduction to languages

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Interactive display geography learning suite

Explore other languages and other cultures. Quiz your general knowledge of world geography across country, continents and world capitals

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Interactive display arts learning suite

The versatility of paintbrushes and brush-pen and markers on your touchscreen display

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Explore music making on a touch screen

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Special needs

Apps with specials requirements

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Basic skills

Lernt to tell the time and more important life skills.

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New! Maths Learning suite

Math learning suite . 8 games to develop mathematical skills, fluency, mathematical reasoning and competence in problem solving. A primary mathematics resource package across additions, multiplications, fractions, geometry, shapes and more.

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