Transforming education and classroom engagement.

Interactive Displays are transforming classrooms, engaging students in new ways and empowering schools.

Discover TouchscreenLearning innovative learning suites and software solutions to make the most of your interactive displays in the classroom.

Educational software is an integral part of a touchscreen display

Interactive displays are changing instructional technologies, making lessons more engaging by creating activities that lead to greater classroom participation and engagement. Our curriculum based applications allow for creating playful and interactive assignments such as quizzes or stopwatch activities that can help engage further with subjects like maths, geometry or mental arithmetics.

Discover our collection of maths games. Encourage practice! Play against the clock! improve your mental math skills! master the times tables! the fractions and more.

Dig into history and social sciences with the history learning suite. A comprehensive Encyclopedic history collection . Packed with facts, interactive maps and timelines to learn about world history and the wonders of the past!

Write, erase and start again! Develop writing, grammar and spelling skills with the literacy suite including step by step activities.

Explore other languages and other cultures. Quiz your general knowledge of world geography across country, continents and world capitals

Improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. A learning software that focus on tracing activities to develop precision, accuracy and reaction time. including vertical lines, diagonals, curves, waves, bridges, loops, zigzags, mazes, letters of the alphabet and primary school curriculum keywords.

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