Maths resources


A fun educational game that encourage multiplication practice and quick-fire times tables exercises. Encourages quick multiplication. Great for improving mental arithmetic skills. Challenge mode / play against time & beat the clock. Choose between three difficulty levels and play against the clock.


Can you match fractions, decimals and percentages? Test your maths skills and understanding of fractions.

Roman Numerals

Learn about the Roman numerals with a range of activities and step-by-step tutorials. The Roman numerals or Romans numbers are a number system developed by the ancient Romans. It remained the usual way of writing numbers throughout Europe well into the Late Middle Ages.


Introducation to geometry .Explore geometry and understand triangular shapes. A fun reference game to learn about triangles and their properties

Can you count?

Fun early math-based activities for preschoolers and primary school children. Introduces toddlers and children to numbers. Keeps children engaged with fun activites. Lets you draw the number shape with your finger. Encourages child to develop basic counting skills. Trace letters and numbers with your finger

Mixed Maths

Boost your maths skills with our mixed math quiz! Includes additions, subtractions, mutiplications and fractions.A brain teaser game that encourage quick-fire mental arithmetic!

10 Stars Maths

Since we opened in 2017 we’ve seen the lives changed of over 1000 students.

Odd and Even

If our students don’t succeed, then we haven’t done our job. Our students have a 100% University acceptance rate!


Improve your mental maths skills and Addition practice. Encourages quick addition. Great for improving mental arithmetic skills. Challenge mode or play against the time & beat the clock.

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