Touchscreen Learning suite

Increase student engagement with TouchScreen Learning Suite on your classroom interactive display.

Touchscreen Learning Suite

Presenting Touchscreen Learning Solution software package! A specially devised learning suite including over 50 interactive and curriculum aligned games to explore and learn about Maths, Geography, History, Literacy, Social studies, Languages and the Arts!

Super intuitive and simple to use, just click and play! No training necessary

Help transform teaching and learning experience with rich and curriculum aligned educational content.

What resources are included in the learning suite?

  • Curriculum aligned and interactive content made by teachers.
  • Specially designed Interactive display resources.
  • Award winning and featured apps.

Find out more about resources included in Touchscreen Learning Suite:

Maths games resources

  • Multiplications!

A math game that encourages multiplication practice and quick-fire times tables exercises. Fun and effective way to learn the times tables. Great for improving mental arithmetic skills.Challenge mode / play against time & beat the clock

  • Fractions

Can you match fractions, decimals and percentages? Test your math skills and understanding of fractions.

  • Polygons

Explore the world of Polygons. A reference geometry game to learn about polygons and their properties.

  • Quadrilaterals

Explore geometry and quadrilaterals. A fun reference game to learn about different squares and their properties.

  • Triangle

Explore geometry and understand triangular shapes. A fun reference game to learn about triangles and their properties.

  • Mental Maths quiz

Boost your math skills with our mixed math quiz! Includes additions, subtractions, multiplications and fractions. A brain teaser game that encourages quick-fire mental arithmetic!

  • Ten Stars Maths

A ten frames inspired game to help practice mental maths, additions and understand number system.

Learn about the world! Geography Games.

  • Europe

Find the countries and assemble the puzzle.

  • Asia

Find the countries and assemble the puzzle.

  • U.S States

What are the states of the United States? Test your knowledge of geography and see how many you can find.

  • Africa

Build the puzzle and learn geography! Drag the shape of the country and learn about Africa. An interactive puzzle game where pieces are shaped like the countries of Africa.

  • Australia

How well do you know Australia’s geography? Can you put the city’s name back on the map?

  • France

How well do you know France? Explore and learn more about each region while assembling the puzzle.

  • England

Test your geography knowledge. Can you place the city on the map?

Improving Literacy.

  • English Spelling and Grammar

An easy-to-follow visual guide and tracing activity book to improve spelling and develop foundation in English grammar.Get to grips with knowledge of grammar for the national curriculum. Easy tracing exercises. Learn over 290 of the most commonly used words

  • Spelling Practice – Year 1 / 2

Write, erase and start again! A writing practice board that gives children the opportunity to write out and practice their spellings as well as having fun! Contains 145 Year 1 and 2 curriculum words. Ideal for spelling Drills! 145 Curriculum words. Trace the words with your finger or a stylus

  • Spelling Practice – Year 3 / 4

Write, erase and start again! A writing practice board that gives children the opportunity to write out and practice their spellings as well as having fun! Contains Year 3 and 4 curriculum words.

  • Grammar Word Search

Improve your grammar and punctuation skills with fun and challenging word search puzzles!

  • Pre-Cursives

Write, Erase, Start again! Get started with writing and learn how to write each letter of the alphabet in pre-cursive with simple writing activities that can be practiced again and again. Pre-cursive letters have no lead-in/entry stroke. Includes easy-to-follow directions, preset paintbrushes and full screen drawing mode.

  • Cursive Writing Practice

Learn how to write each letter of the alphabet in cursive with simple writing activities that can be practiced again and again. Includes easy-to-follow directions.

Learn a new Language!

  • My First Chinese

By combining precision and poetry you will exercise your skills at learning Chinese words and exploring the art of Chinese calligraphy. A game that develops visual memory & observation skills. Easily learn how to write simple Chinese Characters and understand their meaning.Free-form writing practice. On or off guidance. Choose your brush and paint with Black Ink or ink wash / Sumi-e.

  • My First Japanese

Learn your first Japanese words and learn how to write them using a shodo brush! Fun and interactive. Write, Erase, Start again! Practice Kanji script / ideographic symbols. Learn new words and their pronunciation. Get creative and create your own art using a shoto ink brush! A fun and exciting way to discover kanji ideograms and japanese calligraphy.

  • French Grammar

An easy-to-follow visual guide and tracing activity book to learn and develop foundation in French grammar. Introduction to French Grammar. Improve spelling of most popular French words. Includes easy tracing exercises

  • Can you count in French?

Introduce children to French. Learn to write and say numbers in French.

  • Ancient Viking Alphabet

An Activity app that children can work through to practise and play with writing or spelling Runes. The “Viking Alphabet ” is also known as Runes, Runic alphabet or Futhark. The system of writing was used by the Vikings, Anglo-saxon and Nordic people before the creation of the Latin alphabet. Vikings used to carve these letters on Wood, stone, bone or metal.

  • Ancient Greek Alphabet

Discover the ancient Greek Alphabet, practice tracing the letters and try spelling your name! The ancient Greeks had their own System of writing. At first, Greek was written from right to left and after the 6th century BC, it was written from left to right. There were some differences in the early Greek alphabet depending on what part of the Greek world it was used in, but over time all Greeks started to use the same alphabet.

Developing motor skills, games and resources.

  • Tracing and Motor skills exercises

Magic Slate! Write, erase and start again! Develop Fine Motor Skill with step by step Tracing Activities. Vertical lines, diagonals, curves, waves, bridges, loops and zigzags. More advanced exercises with mazes, letters of the alphabet and curriculum keywords. An essential resource with over 90 tracing activities.

  • Super Maze

Find your way through the maze!

  • Can you tell the time?

Games and activities to help learning tell the time.Read the time on the analogue clock and see how many correct answers you get! A quiz game with simple activities to get started with reading Time.

  • Creative markers

Draw, Scribble, Doodle, Sketch! Doodling is a great way to pass the time and relax!It can help you improve your artistic skills and develop some fun ideas too. Discover creative art marker pen sets, relax and let your finger / Pencil do the thinking!

Find out about the past!

History and social studies.

  • Ancient Greece

Who were the ancient Greeks? Build essential knowledge of ancient history at home and in school. Find out what life was like in Ancient Greece, Learn about the Olympics, Greek mythology and much more.

  • Ancient Rome

Who were the ancient romans? Find out what life was like in Ancient Rome, learn about the Roman empire, the Gladiators, write your age using Roman numerals and more..

  • The Vikings

Who Were The Vikings? Build essential knowledge of Ancient history at home and in school.Find out what life was like in Viking times, build your own Longship, write your name using the ancient runic alphabet and learn about the raids!

  • The Great Explorers

Discover the lives of the most famous seafarers, polar explorers, mountaineers, and astronauts!Game Includes voice-overs, history timeline, interactive maps and historical fun facts.

  • The Victorians

Who Were The Victorians? Find out about Daily Life in Victorian Britain, follow the timeline and learn about the British Empire as well as the Industrial revolution.

  • World History Quiz

Do you know your ancient from your modern? Your Romans from your Greeks?Your Great War from your Cold War? Test your knowledge of history across 100+ fun, historical, challenging and trivial questions.

Touchscreen Learning  social studies and history games for interactive display

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